Kempton Brake & Clutch is a going concern for the last forty years, we are proud to say we are one of the few "one stop" brake shops still in existence. Currently we have over 100 years combined experience in the industry. We have full workshop that caters for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and even interlink trailers. 95% of all work is done in house therefore there is no the middle man. We have an excellent track record and we proud to say we have many customers that have been with the company for over twenty years

Please note our Telkom lines are down:
Petro: 082 774 3220
Deon: 071 485 0555
Jason : 082 924 1355 .








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The way you drive plays a big part in the longevity of your clutch, for instance if you ride the clutch. This is when you keep the clutch partially disengaged.

A vehicles brakes are the most critical system on a vehicle. If they stop working, the problem on your hands is huge.

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Over time, with the right mix of products and people, you begin to build a reputation for delivering the goods. You become known by your client base. Every client is unique, every situation is different. Practices turn to Kempton Brake and Clutch for lots of reasons. But, in most cases, it distills down to a single word: Trust.

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Kempton break & clutch only delivers services or products conforming to our strict quality standards. All services are performed following all our current rules and regulations. We perform work to the highest quality standards and  requirements, company operating procedures. We also commit to continuous improvement.

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